Holliston Meadows Retirement Care

Holliston Meadows retirement accepts pets in situations where owners do not want their pets adopted out after they pass away. If their wish is for their beloved pet to live out their natural life in a comfortable home-like setting with loving caretakers, Holliston Meadows can accommodate that wish.

Retirement care requires extensive consultation with owners to develop an appropriate housing, feeding, exercise, and grooming plan. A thorough medical examination will be done at admission and repeated at least once yearly. Owners will select routine care and illness care levels for their pet as well as the parameters of humane euthanasia when needed.

Fees will be set after a detailed evaluation of each pets needs and each owner's wishes. Fees will be paid monthly through an owner's escrow account. All inclusive retirement fees start at $550.00 per month.

Potential clients are invited to come in for a tour and to discuss additional retirement details and services. Please call or email us to set up an appointment.

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